Oh Hi! I’m Rachael, a former wedding and social event planner. I have always had a love for planning, celebrating, and creating detailed spreadsheets.

Rachael Richards, Co-Founder of Bachelorette Express
Rachael Richards

I have almost 10 years experience planning everything from my high school prom, to friends’ weddings, to executive meetings and formal dinners. !

Recently, I have left the crazy life of the wedding industry to settle into a normal schedule but still desire to create truly amazing experiences and events. Kickstarting this new adventure, I assisted in planning several bachelorette parties for close friends, including both local festivities and destination parties. I felt inspired to continue and create a blog. 

Hey there!

I’m Danielle – a short and sassy Florida girl who has a strange combination of love for creativity AND spreadsheets/organization. From my experience working with other creatives, this is not normal – but hey, I am who I am.

Danielle Davis

I have spent years of my professional life as a video producer. This means planning projects on the go, with schedules detailed down to the minute – but also being ready for the unexpected! You can’t exactly film outside if the weather isn’t cooperating.

I traveled almost weekly for work but recently left the travel life for a more reasonable schedule and a cute little place in St. Petersburg, FL.

I now hope to take more trips – for fun, not work – and share my shenanigans with all of you!