Atlantic City: Jay and Alicia’s Atlantic City Co-Bachelor/ette Party

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Planning this particular event was NOT easy! For my cousin’s June 2020 wedding, we had planned a awesome bachelorette weekend in Virginia Beach, but Covid-19 forced us to change our plans and the wedding date. She moved her wedding to September 2020 and reduce the guest list by 50 people.

As we waited for the general conditions to improved we were also running out of time so we had to pivot our bachelorette party plans. Instead of a destination event we decide to rent a large home in Atlantic City, NJ. We also decided to team up with the groomsmen for a co-bachelor/bachelorette event.

We searched high and low for a house that would accommodate our group size of 20+ and would allow us to have plenty to space – since (due to Covid) we would spend the majority of time there.

We found this amazing place on VRBO, which we definitely recommend. Plenty of free street parking, a huge yard for games, a fun game room and gorgeous views of the bay. It was not walkable to the beach but it’s only a 10 minute drive to the casinos, beaches, and boardwalk.

A majority of the group was driving from Philadelphia, with the exception of the Bride and Groom from Maryland, and me from Florida! We wanted to get the party started as soon as we could check into the house!

We came prepared with everything we needed for the weekend- food, beer & alcohol, and back up house supplies (paper products, extra toilet paper, etc). Pro Tip: There is a Walmart and Sam’s Club on your way into Atlantic City, we stopped and stocked up! We love Walmart Grocery Pick-up, it so so easy and convenient. There were plenty of Covid-19 restrictions still in effect, so we planned to make all our meals at home- and do most of our drinking at home or on the beach!

Normally, Atlantic City and the Jersey Shore would have so much to offer- beaches, boardwalk, casinos, shows, interesting tourist attractions, etc. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we were very limited and wanted everyone to be safe. Here are some of my favorite places and things to do when the world is a little more normal.

Weekend Itinerary


The girls rented a party bus to drive us around Atlantic City so we could check out some outdoor bars (indoor bars were still closed). The bus was BYOB so we packed a cooler of hard seltzers, strapped on our fanny packs and pumped up the music! Our driver was excellent and was able to give us some bar recommendations and at the end of the night took us to the best pizza place!

The Maid of Honor, Megan, picked out super cute fanny packs with “Bach & Boozy” on the front and individual names on the back. She filled with them all the bachelorette essentials- stemless wine glass, shot glass, sunglasses, Ibuprofen, Liquid I.V., novelty socks, flash tattoos, and hand sanitizer.

The boys arranged for a booze cruise! Originally, we wanted the whole group to join for this event but Covid-19 restrictions only allowed for smaller groups. Let’s be real, they had a blast without us. They packed some coolers and cruised around the bay during sunset!


Breakfast is the most important meal, right? Well, we made a huge recovery breakfast for the group- biscuit & gravy, fruit salad, eggs, and lots of champagne! We prepped all the fruit in advanced and packed it with us to help save on time. Eggs are a super easy item to cook in bulk and biscuits & gravy hit the spot when you are hungry and hungover.

The weather did not cooperate with us and we had rain most of the morning and early afternoon. Luckily, our VRBO had a large covered patio and a great game room. Everyone was able to enjoy the amenities and relax while we waited for the sun to reappear. We set up a make your own sandwich station in the kitchen, along with raw veggies and hummus- this would have been our beach lunch if it hadn’t rained.

Eventually the skies parted around 3pm and we were ready to party! A few members of the group packed yard games for us – cornhole, bucket ball, and extra six foot tables (for beer pong and flip cup). Everyone enjoyed a few hours of fun drinking games and sunshine. The sunset over the bay was amazing!

Our family style dinner was TACO BAR! This is my go to meal for serve a large group because it’s easy customizable for any dietary restrictions. We made ground turkey taco style and Salsa Chicken along with plenty of toppings and side dishes.


With a check out time of 11am, we had to kick it into high gear to rally the team. I made omelettes using all the taco bar leftovers, super easy and again simple to customize for any dietary restrictions. We had everyone packed up and got out on time. It was a beautiful day and about half of us decided to spend a few hours at the beach before heading home.

If you plan to visit the Jersey Shore, check local beach ordinances, like if beach tags are required, and check to see if your rental provided them. Atlantic City does not require beach tags for individuals, but parking can be difficult. We went about 10 minutes north to Brigantine Beach, most street parking is free and it is a little more family friendly, but you can find a handful of beach bars with live music. Our favorite beach bar was Lagana Rum Bar.

Budget Breakdown:

House to sleep 20 people: $230 per person (2 nights)

Bach and Boozy Fanny Packs: $11.50 per person

Shot Glasses: $2 per person

Meals: $20 per person (2 breakfast, 1 dinner, and 1 lunch plus snacks)

Party Bus: $50 per person

Large Inflatable Penis: 18.00

Price Per Person: $315 *plus alcohol

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Have a bachelorette party coming up in Nashville? Check out our previous parties there for some inspiration and recommendations.

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