Bridesmaid Dress Review: Azazie

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Azazie offers so many dress and color options. With a price range of $99-$139 for a beautiful floor length dress it is a very affordable option for bridesmaids. We love that many of the dresses are made with a similar material, have the same silhouette and shape while offering different styles of bodice and neckline, this allows each bridesmaid to be comfortable and showcase their own look and personality.

We have both recently purchased Azazie dresses (new and second-hand) for weddings in 2019. We are sharing our reviews of the dresses below.

Rachael // Wearing: Azazie Cora in Mulberry // Size: A14 (5’9″ and 38DD)

For this particular wedding, the bride only requested we pick a floor length dress in Mulberry so we all had the freedom to select something to fit our personal style! I loved this dress, it thought it was super flattering and offered great support for a larger chest. The bust was fully lined, has boning for structure and the slight V neckline gave a hint of cleavage without too much exposed. I wore an adhesive bra for added coverage but you can wear this braless as well. The skirt is pretty full, it has two layers of fabric which hides sweat very well also has a side slit (not shown above) but it came in clutch when dancing! I opted not to alter it because I was tight on time but I think I could have taken 2-3 inches off the bottom or I could have worn slightly taller heels.

I loved it so much that I purchased the same dress in a different color for a wedding in Fall 2020.

Danielle // Wearing: Azazie Aurora in Mulberry Size: A12 (5’1″ 36D)

I can’t lie, I was totally THAT bridesmaid for this wedding. I ordered my dress from Azazie with just enough time for it to get to me for alterations before the wedding… and I ended up hating it. big yikes. Luckily, I checked out Poshmark and found another Azazie dress for sale in the right size and color.

Being in a wedding can be pricey, but I have been able to find a few of my dresses at a discount on Poshmark and suggest checking it out!

I ended up wearing the Azazie Aurora dress and it was cute but definitely less of my style. However, just like every other girl, I am a sucker for pockets and being in a wedding party and having pockets is extra convenient.

Caroline Allen Photography

See more photos of how all our Azazie Mulberry dresses came together HERE!

Danielle // Wearing: Azazie Leah in Steel Grey // Size: A12 (5’1″ 36D)

A bridesmaid from the above wedding was wearing this dress in Mulberry and loved it! So, when I was going to be int another wedding I knew that this was the dress I wanted to snag.

I checked out Poshmark first and found it again in my size and the right color, so I ordered it from there at half the price. Paying for dry cleaning is still cheaper than paying for the dress full price!

It met all of my bridesmaid’s dress requirements- pockets, leg slit, and, empire waist. This dress is low cut but has a mesh piece in the chest. It has a little bling belt, that actually is bigger than it should be for the sizing so I had to move the clasp on it, but other than that, it fit great!

Tips on buying from Azazie

  • Make sure you have the bridesmaid dress guidelines from the bride to be
  • Read the reviews to get a more accurate idea of the fit of the dress
  • Order well in advance to ensure it arrives on time to try-on, exchange if needed and get alterations before the wedding day

Tips on buying second hand on Poshmark

  • Read the descriptions and ask the seller questions if needed.
  • Has the dress been altered? If so, ask for measurements to ensure a good fit.
  • Has the dress been worn and dry cleaned? If not, factor dry cleaning into your total cost of dress and alterations. Still in budget and a good buy compared to ordering new?
  • What is the Azazie color is the dress? Many of the Azazie colors are similar so make sure you double check the color!

New to Poshmark? Use our link for $10 off your first purchase!

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