Michelle’s Taco Themed Bridal Shower

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Michelle loves tacos almost as much as she loves her fiance, Dusk. Clearly her bridesmaids were well aware of that, because they planned the perfect taco themed bridal shower for her. Michelle is planning her wedding from out of state so this party was extra special, as a lot of her hometown friends and family haven’t seen her in a while!

Everything from the balloons and signage to the garland and place settings were taco and cacti themed! The favors were mini bottles of tequila wrapped in fun fiesta colors!

The colorful cacti backdrop was a great background for the photobooth area. Props ranged from nacho libre masks, tacos, limes, and other elements inspired by Mexican culture.

No bridal shower is complete without embarrassing photos of the bride and a few classic games. Her bridesmaids created a photo board of pictures of Michelle at random ages and everyone had to guess what age she was! The second game, the Ring game, is a bridal shower staple! Each guest gets a ring and then they try not to say ” wedding,” “bride,” or “groom” in conversion. If someone hears you say of the any of those words they take your ring. The person with the most rings wins a prize! We also played some trivia games about Michelle and Dusk’s relationship.

The food was on point for this fiesta.We had a taco bar with all the fixings, mexican lasagna, chips and all the dips! The beverage station included a mimosa bar, sparkling punch and margaritas. And to top everything off a lovely variety of desserts were on display to enjoy. All stations were decorated with green and gold garland and themed signage.

It was such a fun day to celebrate the bride with friends and family.

Here are some tips on planning a bridal or wedding shower!

Bridal Shower vs Wedding Shower: Traditionally, a bridal shower is held for the bride-to-be with female friends and family. More recently, wedding showers have gained popularity as a co-ed event. A wedding shower can be hosted for the bride and groom or couple where all friends and family attend.

  1. Designate who is planning/hosting. Typically the Mother of the Bride along with the Maid of Honor will plan and host but doesn’t mean that is always the case. A shower can be planed by all the bridesmaids or mom and future mother in law or maybe another family member!
  2. Set a date for the shower. Showers are usually between two to four months before the big day but again, this is just a guideline. To start setting a date, check with the bride or couple first, then families and bridal or wedding party, and once you align all the VIP guests to can start planning.
  3. Set a Budget. Before you can select your theme, menu, and guest list you need to create a budget that will help determine the aforementioned items.
  4. Guest List. Ask the bride or couple to share the guest list of names and addresses (either mailing address or email for an e-vite). We recommend using an excel spreadsheet or a planning tool such as Zola or Wedding Wire to stay organized. Plan on sending the invitations six to eight weeks in advance of your event date and included an RSVP date 10-14 days prior to the date so you can follow up on any loose ends.
  5. Pick the perfect location. When picking our shower location keep in mind your headcount and overall budget as this helps you narrow down your options- perhaps a venue in the area or maybe a family member’s home or backyard.
  6. Select a shower theme. There are so many fun and creative theme ideas you can find online! We recommend picking something that is meaningful to the bride/couple. Maybe the couple really enjoys traveling, plan a “Destination: Marriage” shower, or for a bride who loves to brunch, plan a Classy Champagne Brunch Shower.
  7. Plan the menu. Our favorite part, food! When planning your menu try to consider what dishes the bride/couple enjoys, try to keep your theme in mind, and if you’re preparing the food yourself, include items you are familiar with and that are easy to serve! This is not the time to experiment in the kitchen. If you opt to have the party catered, make sure you have the right serving equipment like chafing dishes and sternos.
  8. Shower Decor. Get ready to go down the rabbit hole on Pinterest when looking for the best decor! You don’t have to go all out on decor but really just have a few items to help feature areas of the shower stand out – garland around the food/beverage station, a gift area and signage for the games, menu, and favors. If you fancy yourself a skilled crafter, break out the hot glue gun and make something special.
  9. Shower Games and prizes. Totally optional! We prefer the games that feature embarrassing photos of the bride/couple. Games are a great way to entertain your guests and also have them mingle together. We recommend having 2-3 games to play during the shower.
  10. Traditional Touches. Opening gifts has been a traditional shower activity, so make sure you check out the registry or look into some quality home and kitchen gadgets. If you choose to open gifts, have all the presents moved to one area where guests can gather around, have someone help keep track of the gifts and cards, and have fun! Keep all the bows and ribbons to make a rehearsal bouquet for the bride-to-be. Another traditional touch for a Bridal Shower is to have the Groom or partner arrive with flowers toward the end of the event, this is an adorable gesture and is a great opportunity for guests to spend a few minutes with the couple.
  11. Toast to the Bride or Couple. Totally optional! Typically the host (MOH, Mother, or Mother in Law) will say a few words to thanks the guests to coming and to congratulate the bride/couple on their upcoming nuptials!
  12. Shower Favors. A small token for guests to take with them as a little thank you. This item does not have to be large or expensive, maybe a packaged homemade dessert or an airplane size bottle of the couple’s favorite liquor, or a mini potted succulent. The possibilities are limitless.

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