Anna’s Nashville Bachelorette Shenanigans


Nashville is becoming one of the biggest destinations for bachelorette parties and after visiting a few times, we can see why!

This city is full of amazing food, live music and fun bars. And for those of us who have friends all over the states, it’s a pretty central location to get to for everyone.

Where to stay:

Staying off of the downtown strip, walkable to bars and restaurants can be incredibly expensive – luckily there are a ton of cute neighborhoods just outside of downtown that offer a bit more privacy at a more affordable price.

We stayed at an airbnb, that was actually like a bachelorette mansion, just outside both The Gulch and Music Row. We spent a lot of time on the amazing rooftop deck.

This is about a $7 Uber to anywhere you could want to go and offered an incredible view of the city from the rooftop.

What to do:

We went into the city on Friday afternoon and walked up broadway in search of lunch and drinks. We landed at ACME Feed and Seed where the rooftop bar and frozen slushie drinks provided a great welcome to the city. If you are strapped for time and don’t have hours to wait in line at Hattie B’s, we recommend ACME’s Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich!

If you get the chance to see Broadway in the day time, we recommend it! The day to night comparison is unreal.

Friday night was Denim themed. A little 90’s Britney was inspiration for this and everyone in the group killed it.

We did dinner that night at Pinewood Social. This place is a bar, a restaurant, a sweet place to hangout AND a bowling alley all in one.

We had a large enough party that we were able to reserve a private room and do family style dinner.

We got two different punch bowl sized mixed drinks and a ton of food options. Everything was incredibly good – especially the mac and cheese!

Our private room came with a TV and speakers where we could play DJ during our meal and Pinewood’s staff explicitly instructed us to play the music as loud as we wanted.

After dinner we hit Broadway to finish off the night. I’m going to level with you here. Broadway is way busier than you can imagine at night, prepare for some lines and to be packed in with a lot of people if you’re going to a lot of popular spots.

We ended up spending a lot of our time at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar (wow, guess Nashville has a thing for rooftop bars). If the girls in your group aren’t crazy about country music, then this is a great option for you. They play a mix of music, not just country.

Saturday morning we were off to a slow start (naturally after a night out).

We did brunch at Tavern, where we got over our hangovers with BOGO mimosas and bloody mary’s at the bar while we waited for our table.

Yet again, this Nashville restaurant did not disappoint. We even had locals we met throughout the weekend tell us that Tavern was their favorite place to eat in town.

After brunch we stuck with the tavern theme and went on a pedal tavern tour. If you have never been on one of these, you’re missing out. Pedal pubs are one of our favorite activities with a group. These pedal pubs hold 6-15 people for private bookings and make sure you bring a boom playlist for pedaling around Nashville.

You get to be outside, listen to music, drink and checkout new bars. Before you ask about getting sweaty… no, this is not real physical activity. If everyone puts in a little effort you won’t really break a sweat.

We did our tour through music row and midtown. This route let us see all of the signs the studios had outside for their nominations in upcoming awards, which as country fans, was pretty cool.

After we were all back to the house we made dinner together and got ready to go out.

If you’re looking to save some money as a group, making dinner at the house is a great way to do so! You can set up a Walmart pickup online and drive through to get the necessary items without wasting too much time.

While we pregamed for our Saturday night out, we had our bachelorette play an underwear guessing game.

Everyone had to anonymously purchase a pair of underwear and the bachelorette had to guess who got her what. There were some really creative options from ENORMOUS granny panties, to toy story boys underwear, to water expandable tablets that turned into underwear.

As cheesy as this sounds, it was a lot of fun to watch the bride struggle to figure out who got her what.

Saturday night we went out on the town again! Broadway is a little too much to do 2 nights in a row, and we LOVE Midtown.

Our bride got into an arm wrestling competition at Winner’s and Loser’s, but we’re not saying if she ended up a winner or a loser.

Later we hit KungFu Saloon and Rebar for a ton of dancing, which is the last thing we remember before waking up sunday morning to an alarm to head to the airport.

Did you love the denim theme, here are some “lewks” to check out:

top // bodysuit//dress

Want more ideas for Nashville, check out a recent girls trip here.

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