How to Be a Prepared Bridesmaid on the Wedding Day

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10 Things You Should Be Doing Day Of

If you’ve never been a Bridesmaid before, or even if you have, you may be wondering, “what are my wedding day responsibilities” or “what are my bridesmaid duties.” If this is you, don’t stress, we’ve got ya covered.

Before Getting Ready

One: Make a Solid Playlist

While getting ready, you’ll want to keep the mood high with fun music. Get a good playlist together so no one is fidgeting with their Spotify constantly while getting their hair or makeup done. You’ll have enough to worry about on the wedding day, you don’t want to be worried about what Alexa is trying to shuffle. Don’t forget to add the bride’s favorite tracks and keep things PG for any young kids and moms hanging out.

Two: Create a List of Items to Bring

Make sure you pack anything you might need for the day and into the night! The obvious items include:

  • Getting Ready Outfit (robes or matching pj sets) whatever the bride told you to wear
  • Bridesmaid Dress
  • Wedding Shoes
  • Dancing Shoes – We like to bring something more comfy for dancing
  • Undergarments – can’t forget the sticky boobs!
  • Hair/Makeup Supplies if you are doing your own
  • Accessories and Jewelry
  • Phone Charger

Here are some items tif you want to go the extra mile:

handheld steamer, tissues, lint roller, Ibuprofen, and other emergency kit items!

While Getting Ready

Three: Snacks and Beverages

Getting ready can be a long process. You might be hanging out for a few hours while everyone gets hair and makeup done, so have plenty of snacks and munchies!

Many times you won’t be eating dinner after the ceremony. If you want to make it all night, think about getting breakfast or lunch delivered while getting ready!

Mimosas are also highly recommended! Pack some reusable straws so you don’t mess up makeup!

Four: Don’t Be Messy

Keep the space clean and neat. It is easy for things to get a little cluttered when you have a group of girls with their makeup and hair products in a confined space. Make the effort to keep things organized and avoid the stress that a messy space causes. Designate an area for photos ahead of time so everyone knows to keep it clean.

Five: Get the Bride a Drink

The bride will have so much on her mind that she won’t be thinking about getting herself a snack or a drink. Every time you get something for yourself, try to ask her if she would like anything! And don’t forget to hydrate, it’s going to be a long day!


Six: Be Prepared

Make sure the bride brings everything she needs to the ceremony and reception venue(s),: her vows, bouquet, ring(s), cell phone, dancing shoes, secondary outfits (if needed) and lipstick for any touch ups.

Seven: Stay Together

Once you arrive at the venue, don’t disburse. At any moment you might be needed for photos or to line up for the ceremony! There will be plenty of time to socialize and see everyone during the evening.

Cocktail and Reception

Eight: Rehearse Your Reception Entrance

What are you and your groomsman going to do when you get announced into the reception? A lot of people forget about this, but we always think it’s more fun to have something planned instead of just an awkward dance. Bonus points if you involve a good prop!

Nine: Keep the Party Going

If you are in the wedding party, it is your responsibility to get everyone else hyped. If people aren’t dancing you’re pulling them on the dance floor. When there is a lull in the fun you’re requesting a new song. Keep the vibe high!

Post Reception

Ten: Help Pack Up Bride’s Things

Everything gets a little crazy as the reception is wrapping up. There is typically a rush to get to the send off, which means things are easily forgotten. After you send off your bride, make sure you head back to do one last check for the bride and bridesmaids belongings – phone, bouquet, personal items, etc. You don’t want to worry about these things as you’re heading to the after party!

And remember: HAVE FUN!

Dream Team:

Photography: Careline Allen Photography

Videography: Kindred

Florals: Stay With me Florals

AirBnB: Tiny House in Ybor

Bride and Bridesmaid Robes: Amazon

Wedding Dress Designer: Kenneth Winston

Bridesmaids dress: Azazie and Lulus

Hair and Makeup: Michele Renee The Studio

Wedding Venue: CL Space

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